4. General Settings

These settings are found on the "General" page of the Scene editor.

The automatic_add setting is described in Section 3.

The size setting contains the width and height of the window, which are defined in pixels. It can be set to any tuple of positive values, even for the default Scene object. The surrounding window is resized accordingly when necessary. In Python, this is done with

s.size = (400, 400)

Whenever the size has been set manually, the automatic_resize setting is disabled. This prevents the window from being enlarged or reduced. Thus, when the size of the default Scene object has been set in the aforementioned way, it is no longer possible to reduce the size of the main window. To re-enable automatic resizing, either activate the respective check box in the editor, or in Python

s.automatic_resize = True

By default, at the top of each Scene object, the tool bar is visible. This can be changed by toggling the respective check box, or in Python with

s.toolbar_show = False