B2000++ Database and Programming Manual

Version 4.2

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Table of Contents

B2000++ Database Reference Manual
1. Datasets
2. An Example Data Structure
3. Data formats
B2000++ Datasets
ADIR — Analysis directives table
BDTB — Branch mesh description table
CASE — Case definition
CONSTANTS — B2000++ constants
COOR — Branch node coordinate array
COOR_IP — Branch element integration point coordinates
DOF_INIT DOFD_INIT — Initial conditions
field — (DOF) fields
EBC — Natural boundary conditions
EDGELIST — Selected element edges
EDGESET — Selected element edges
element-field — Element fields
ELEM_IP — Integration point identifiers for elements
ELEMENT-GROUP-NAMES — Element group names table
ELEMENT-PANEL-NAMES — Element panel names table
ELEMENT-PARAMETERS — Element parameters definition table
ELEMENTLIST — Selected elements
ELEMENTSET — Selected elements
EPATCH — Mesh patch description
ETAB — Element description tables
ETAB (Rx.S elements) — Rod and cable element description array table entry
ETAB (Bx.S.RS elements) — Beam element description array table entry
FACELIST — Selected element faces
FACESET — Selected element faces
FIELDS — Field attributes
IP — Integration point identifiers for elements
JCTS — Branch node connectivity list
LINC — Linear constraint equations
MATERIAL — Materials
NBC — Natural boundary conditions
NODE-PARAMETERS — Node parameter definition table
NODELIST — Selected nodes
NODESET — Selected nodes
NLCS — Node-local transformations
NODA — Node attributes
NODE-NORMALS — Node normals array
SOLUTION — Solution summary
PROPERTY — General model properties
SOLUTION-STAGE — Solution summary
SOLUTION-STEP — Solution summary
sampling-point-field — Sampling point field
TITLE — Problem title and descriptor text
TRANSFORMATIONS — Coordinate systems definitions
B2000++ Programming B2000++
The B2000++ Programming Environment
1. Install the Programming Environment
2. Implementation
Installation and Verification
Installing, Compiling, and Testing B2000++
1. Prerequisites
2. Download of the B2000++ Source and Building
3. Updating the B2000++ Source
B2000++ Test and Verification Procedures
1. Introduction
2. Running Test Cases
3. Creating new Test Cases
4. Examples