B2000++ Test and Verification Procedures

1. Introduction

The test suite concept for the B2000++ system was developed and implemented by H. J. ten Hoeve from the NLR. What started as a simple script soon became more complex and was originally implemented in Fortran. Later, it was replaced by the Python based b2test system developed by M. Doreille from SMR.

b2testrunner manages the execution of the B2000++ test case suite. It scans the test case directory tree, launches the required B2000++ programs, and checks the results. Based on the required level of output, b2testrunner generates a test report.

The tests managed by b2testrunner can be divided into different categories:

  • Verification problems demonstrating the capabilities of B2000++. Results are compared to solutions obtained from other sources (literature, other FE programs, analytical solutions).

  • Basic tests consisting of element tests, function tests etc.

All B2000++ users can access the test cases and add their own tests. Users are encouraged to make use of this. The test case suite is found under the directory: