MDL Commands

In this chapter, the commands of the Model Description Language (MDL) are described. The following table lists them in alphabetical order.

Table 1. MDL Commands

Command Description
adir Analysis directives block
atemperatures Ambient temperatures block
case Analysis case description block
dof_init Initial DOF values block
dofdot_init Initial DOF-dot (time derivative of DOF) values block
ebc Essential boundary conditions block
edgelist and edgeset Element edge-list and edge-set blocks
elements Elements definition block
elementlist and elementset Element-list and element-set blocks
facelist and faceset Element face-list and face-set blocks
field_transfer (B2000++ Pro) Couple adjacent but incompatible meshes
join Join degrees-of-freedom
linc Linear constraints block
material Element material block
nbc Natural boundary conditions block
nodes Nodes definition block
nodelist and nodeset Node-list and node-set blocks
property Define element properties
stage Analysis stage description block
temperatures Temperatures block
title Optional problem title
transformations DOF transformations block

The following table lists the commands that control the execution:

Table 2. Control commands

Command Description
nosolve Run the input processor only