facelist — Ellement face list block


facelist "name"
   data ...
   data ...


facelist generates a list containing element face identifiers, name specifying the name of the list (a string not exceeding 40 characters). Element face identifiers are composed of pairs of element face number (see Element Naming and Numbering Conventions) and element identifier. The list can then be assigned to i.e. boundary conditions or it can be processed in the post-processor.

An face list positional, i.e. the position of an entry in the list has s significance. Example: An face list of a patch specifies the elements in s specific order. In addition, entries in a list can be duplified.


branch br

Specifies the branch number to which subsequently defined face identifiers will be assigned The default branch is 1. br remains active until a new branch number is specified or end is encountered.

f1 .. f6

Face identifier as defined in Element Naming and Numbering Conventions. The default element face identifier is 1.



Specifies a list of element identifiers of the elements to be assigned to the current face number.