temperatures — Mesh nodes temperature definition block


temperatures id
  values list nodes...
  import dataset setname from dbname


temperatures specifies sets of node temperatures, such as temperatures inducing thermal loads in stress analysis. To specify ambient temperature values at nodes for defining convective conditions in heat analysis, please refer to the atemperatures command. To specify temperatures at nodes inducing thermal strains in stress analysis, please refer to the temperatures command. A temperatures set is identified by id, a non-negative integer which must be unique for the temperatures conditions of the current model. id is the number which is referenced by the temperatures option of the case definition. Sets with an id of 0 will be active for all analysis cases.

Specifying Temperature Values

values v|[v1 v2 ...]

Specifies the current temperature(s) assigned to subsequently specified nodes. Depending on the element type, more than one temperature value is required:

  • For the MITC shell elements, 2 values per node are required. The first value designates the temperature at the bottom surface while the second value designates the temperature at the top surface. Linear interpolation of the temperature between the bottom and top surfaces is performed.

  • For rod/cable, beam, 2D, and 3D stress elements, a single value per node is required. If a second value is specified, it will be ignored.

Assigning Temperature Values

The following directives are available to assign the specified temperature value(s) to individual nodes and to collections of nodes:


Assign the temperature values to all defined nodes of the current branch.

branch br

For models that consist of several branches. Specifies the external branch number br. To be used in conjunction with the allnodes and nodes directives.

epatch id p1-p8|e1-e12|f1-f6|b

When the discretization of a part of the discretization was created by means of the epatch command, a number of pre-defined nodelists are available for use with the nbc command. The epatch is identified by id.

Individual patch vertex nodes are specified with p1 to p8.

The collection of nodes that are located at a patch edge are specified with e1 to e12.

The collection of nodes that are located at a patch face are specified with f1 to f6.

The collection of nodes of the whole patch body are specified with b.

nodes list

Specifies a list of nodes (of the current branch) to which the temperature values will be assigned.

nodelist name

Specifies the name of the node list to which the temperature values will be assigned.

nodeset name

Specifies the name of the node set to which the temperature values will be assigned.

Reading from External Databases

Temperature sets written to external databases can be specified by means of the dataset directive..

import dataset setname-pattern from dbname

Reads nodal temperatures from the datasets matching setname-pattern, in the database dbname, and sets them for the nodes, overwriting any previously defined data.

The import dataset directive allows to use results from a thermal analysis, stored in another database, for a subsequent stress analysis. The dataset name pattern is TEMP.* where * means that all branches will be selected, cycle is the load increment (0 for a linear heat analysis), and case is the load case ID.

Additional information

case command: Activates temperatures sets.

This command generates the dataset(s), where branch designates the branch number and id the set identifier.