b2ip++ — B2000++ input processor


b2ip++ [-define VARIABLE=VALUE] [-iponly] MDL_FILENAME [DBNAME]


The b2ip++ program is the B2000++ input processor; it reads an MDL file and creates a B2000++ database. The b2ip++ program is launched from a shell.

[Note] Note

Since the b2000++ program can invoke b2ip++, an explicit invocation of the b2ip++ program by the user is in general not necessary; however it may be useful if the generated model should be examined (for instance with the graphical tool baspl++) before carrying out the analysis.



Specifies the MDL file to be read from.


Specifies the name of the database to be written, it must end with the suffix .b2m. This argument can be omitted if the database name is - apart from the suffix - identical to the MDL file name.



Print a summary of the command-line arguments and exit.


Set the MDL variable to the specified value. This option can be specified multiple times. In conjunction with the conditional MDL assignment operator ?=, default values can be set in the MDL file that can be overridden with the -define option on the command-line.


Do not execute any additional programs required for B2000++, such as the program which adds 6 DOF (degrees of freedom) nodes for MITC shell elements or the shell-to-solid coupling program. -iponly is used in situations where the additional programs are being executed explicitly after the b2ip++ program.


Print the version number and exit.