b2mass — Compute the volume, the mass, and the center of gravity of a B2000++ model.


b2mass DBNAME


The b2mass program computes the volume, the mass, and the center of gravity (cog) of a model.

The numerical integration of the quantities involves structural and non-structural masses, and is performed with a high degree of precision, using the element integration rules and considering laminate stacking sequences and beam cross-sectional properties.

The quantities are calculated for all elements (total), as well as for any combinations of elementset and elementlist instances that are defined in the model.

All quantities are saved to the database DBNAME in the dataset MASS_AND_COG. By default, no output is printed to the terminal.



The B2000++ database name. DBNAME must consist of a valid B2000++ database model.



Print a one-line help message containing the synopsis of the b2mass command and exit.


Print a summary of the b2mass command-line arguments and options and exit.


Print the results.