baspl++ (B2000++ Pro) — Post-process B2000++ databases.


baspl++ [-d] [-h] [-t] [-v] DBNAME SCRIPT_FILE


The baspl++ program is available in B2000++ Pro; it is a full-featured post-processor for FE analysis and CFD analysis, with 3D visualization, a graphical user interface, and easy-to-use Python scripting capabilities. It is included in the B2000++ software. The following summarizes how baspl++ is invoked. The user manual is found here.

The baspl++ program can be launched in several ways; typically from a shell with the B2000++ database or with a Python script as arguments. In the following example, the database demo.b2m is opened.

$ baspl++ demo.b2m

For accelerating repetitive tasks, Python scripts are very useful. The following example runs the baspl++ program with the Python script

$ baspl++



The B2000++ database to be opened. The database name must end with the suffix .b2m.


A baspl++ Python script to be executed. The script filename must end with the suffix .py. Behind the script, one or several command-line arguments can be put, these will be handed to the script, to be accessed via the sys.argv Python variable.



Run in debug mode. Useful for finding errors in scripts.


Print the command synopsis.


Run inside the shell's terminal.


Print the version number and exit.