b2rmdb — Remove B2000++ databases


b2rmdb [-f] [-r] [-v] DIRECTORY...


b2rmdb removes one or more B2000++ databases and all related directories, prompting for each database found, unless the -f option is specified. b2rmdb will only remove directories with the suffix .b2m and which are valid B2000++ databases. DIRECTORY... is either one or several B2000++ databases or directories. If a directory is specified together with the -r option, b2rmdb will recursively remove all B2000++ databases found. b2rmdb is launched from a shell.

If FILE is omitted, b2rmdb will try to remove all B2000++ databases in the current working directory.



The B2000++ database or a directory. Wildcard patterns with "?" and "*" characters are expanded.



Attempt to remove B2000++ databases without prompting for permission. If the database does not exist, do not display a diagnostic message or modify the exit status to reflect an error.


Attempt to recursively remove B2000++ databases in the file hierarchy rooted in each file argument. Any other files and directories are left intact.


Be verbose when removing B2000++ databases, showing them as they are removed.


Prints a help text and exits.


Remove the B2000++ database demo.b2m:

$ b2rmdb demo.b2m
remove demo.b2m? y

Remove the B2000++ database demo.b2m without prompting for confirmation:

$ b2rmdb -f demo.b2m

Remove all B2000++ databases in the current directory:

$ b2rmdb *
remove demo1.b2m? y
remove demo2.b2m? y

Remove all B2000++ databases in the directory examples, but leave files and other sub-directories intact:

$ b2rmdb -r examples
remove examples/solid_mechanics/plate_buckling/buckling.b2m? y
remove examples/solid_mechanics/scordelis_lo_roof/scordelis_lo_roof.b2m? y
remove examples/solid_mechanics/cable_stayed_bridge_vibrations/zaltbommel.b2m? y
remove examples/solid_mechanics/soil_freezing/soil.b2m? y
remove examples/solid_mechanics/cook_membrane/cook_membrane.b2m? y
remove examples/solid_mechanics/euler_beam_buckling/beam.b2m? y
remove examples/solid_mechanics/simple_beam_dynamic/beam.b2m? y
remove examples/solid_mechanics/strip_with_circular_hole/he20.b2m? y
remove examples/solid_mechanics/composite_panel_buckling/shell.b2m? y
remove examples/solid_mechanics/composite_panel_buckling/solid.b2m? y

Remove all B2000++ databases in the directory examples without prompting for confirmation:

$ b2rmdb -rf examples