Element Tests: Beams

1. Beam Offset Tests

The beam offset tests check beam elements eccentricities (offset), and the beam prestress. A typical test looks as follows (test case MDL input file old.mdl):

 node a             node b

   o - - - - - - - - o---> Fx   -----> x-axis
   | e               | e 
   +-----------------+       eccentricity e
   |      beam

Fx creates a positive moment around the y axis

My = e*cFx

This creates a positive displacement along z. The same pertains to an eccentricity in the local y-direction, with the moment being negative around the z-axis

Mz = -e*cFx

The same tests are performed with a different beam orientation and with the beam section propertiers solver, the mesh of the beam section property solver being displayed below:

Beam section solver mesh

Figure 111. Beam section solver mesh