2. Beam End Release Tests

The beam end release capability is tested with small plane beam structures made of steel tubes. Both the rod (R2.S) and beam elements (B2.S.RS) are tested. For details about the models, see MDL input files:

truss1.mdl tests the truss structure with rod (R2.S) elements. truss2.mdl tests the truss structure with beam (B2.S.RS) elements, adding end releases to all elements. All DOF's except 1 and 2 are suppressed. The shear correction factors must be set to 0.0 The resulting deformed truss (deformations amplified) and the applied force are displayed in the figure below:

Deformation of truss (amplified).

Figure 112. Deformation of truss (amplified).

frame.mdl tests a frame structure with beam (B2.S.RS) elements and a single end release of the middle column (attachment to the horizontal beam).

Deformation of frame (amplified).

Figure 113. Deformation of frame (amplified).