B2000++ Verification and Examples Manual

Version 4.2

Legal Notice

Table of Contents

Solid Mechanics
Linear Static Analysis
1. Bolt Stress Analysis
2. Cook Membrane Problem
3. Raasch Challenge Test
4. Scordelis-Lo Roof
5. Tensile Strip with Hole
Non-linear Static Analysis
1. Axially Compressed Cylinder
2. Small Cable Truss
3. Cylindrical Panel (PSC5)
4. Cylinder with Square Cutouts
5. Deployable Ring
6. Hexadome (Healey Problem)
7. Lee's Frame Problem
8. Pinched Cylinder (Clamped)
9. Pinched Cylinder with Free Ends
10. Buckling and Post-Buckling Analysis of Plate
11. Slit Open Annular Plate
12. Rod Snap Problem
13. Spherical Cap
14. Post-Buckling of Cylindrical Panel
Linear Buckling
1. Euler buckling of Box Beam
2. Cylinder under Torsion Load
3. Euler Buckling of Beam
4. Hexadome (Healey problem)
5. Slightly Curved Cylindrical Panel
Free Vibrations
1. Cable-Stayed Bridge
2. Cylindrical Panel
3. Hinged Plate
4. Isotropic Plate
5. PMASS element free vibration tests
6. PMASS element free vibration tests
7. Prestressed Beams
8. Tower Cable
Dynamic Analysis
1. Forced Vibration (Bar)
2. Cube in Gravitational Field
3. Linear Transient Analysis of Beam
4. Linear 1 DOF system
5. Nonlinear 1 DOF system
Kinematic Coupling (Tying)
1. I Cross Section Beam with Shell Elements
2. Kinematic Coupling with B2000++
Component Mode Synthesis
1. Vibration of a Clamped Beam (Craig-Bampton method)
Coupled Analysis
Thermomechanical Analysis
1. Thermal Bending of Beam
2. Thermal Stresses in Clamped Beam
Piezomechanical Analysis
1. Piezoelectric Beam Actuator
Heat Transfer
Stationary Heat Transfer
1. Elementary Heat Conduction Test
2. Elementary Heat Convection Test
3. Heated wire in black body enclosure
4. Radiation Plate to a Plate
5. Radiation of Cylinder to Plate
Nonstationary Heat Transfer
1. Transient Heat Conduction in Soil
Linear Analysis
1. Free Vibrations of Volume of Air
Internal Tests
Model Description language (MDL) Tests
Element Tests: Beams
1. Beam Offset Tests
2. Beam End Release Tests
3. Beam Section Properties Tests
4. Beam Strain and Stress Tests
Element tests: Shells
1. Beam modelled with shell elements
2. Large displacements of cantilever beam
3. Shell element tests with 1 element
4. Membrane patch test
5. Membrane and bending patch test
6. One-element in-plane stress analysis test
Element Tests: Solids
1. Axisymmetric analysis of long thin-walled cylinder
2. Solid elements one-element tests
3. HE Solid Element Strain and Stress Tests
4. Thick-Walled Cylinder
1. Node Local DOF Transformations
2. Multi-Branch and Multi-Patch Transformations
3. Node-local DOF Transformation Tests
Non-linear Static Analysis
1. Asymmetric Cable
Free Vibrations
1. Non-Structural Mass Test
Linear Buckling
1. Flat Isotropic Plate
Constraints tests
1. Node to node coupling tests with join
2. DOF to DOF coupling tests with linear constraints
1. Laminated plate stress test
2. Laminated plate bending test
Mass and Center-of-Gravity Tests
Super-Element Tests
Model Rotation Tests