8. Version 1.3.10

  • ADDED: For NSMB meshes, nodal data such as nodal displacements or nodal fields may now be loaded into a Field object, provided that the database is being opened in non-displaced mode (optional argument displace_sfv=0).

  • IMPROVED: Added support for LightSource() attributes to the create_script() function.

  • IMPROVED: Models from NSMB databases having no ENAM/EPAR/ELEMENT-PARAMATERS dataset can be opened now.

  • FIXED: Node-local transformations were wrong for global fields.

  • FIXED: In the Model editor, display of face connectivities of an element (not element connectivities) was wrong.

  • FIXED: In some cases, BORDER did not display correctly.

  • FIXED: The TecPlot converter could be confused by special characters in the zone header lines.

  • FIXED: On some systems, when displaying gradient fields using the GUI, segmentation faults would occur. This has been tracked down to the gradient being allocated on the thread's stack, which is too big. The variable is now allocated on the heap.