10. Version 1.3.3

  • ADDED: To make conversion from other formats such as NASTRAN, TecPlot, etc. via the command-line more straightforward, the Model.convert_from_nastran(), Model.convert_from_tecplot(), and the Model.convert_from_tau() functions have been added. They make use of the already existing conversion functions, but they not only convert the specified input files to a MemCom database, they also load the newly created database into a Model object, which is then returned by each of these functions.

  • IMPROVED: The TecPlot-ASCII converter has been improved and made more robust against "non-conforming" TecPlot files.

  • FIXED: When failing to load a Model from database, the error message did not get printed to the error log.

  • FIXED: When working with many Part objects, the create_script() function would in some cases confuse assignement of ColourMap objects to Part objects and so produce wrong Python code.

  • ADDED: Every Part object has now an "opacity" property, accessible via get_opacity() and set_opacity() as well as via the GUI. This enables transparency/translucency.

  • ADDED: The ColourMap has a new texture mode TEX_CUT, that may be combined with TEX or TEX_STEP. TEX_CUT sets the alpha value of the light and dark grey colour to 0, this makes them transparent. The drawback is that picking is impaired with TEX_CUT, as completely transparent elements get picked. Hence TEX_CUT is a temporary feature until selection by Field value is implemented.