Release Notes

Version 2.4.23 (November 2022)

Added a helper class ViewPolyline to display a user-defined polyline. See help(ViewPolyline).

The ViewLines (view user-defined lines) is deprecated. Please make use of ViewPolyline instead .

Version 2.4.22 (June 2022)

Added the ViewLines class to view user-defined lines in a model.

Version 2.4.21

Added --mesa option to baspl++ command line. Was there previously…

Added mesa target to make.

Version 2.4.20

The baspl++ desktop icon is located in <prefix>/share/applications/baspl++.desktop and can be copied to your desktop. Ubuntu example:

cp <prefix>/share/applications/baspl++.desktop $HOME/Desktop/baspl++.desktop

The utility class ViewPoints for viewing user-defined points has been added. Example of viewing a point a position (-1.0, 10., 0.0) for model model:

pts = ViewPoints(model)
pts.add((-1.0, 10., 0.0), color=(1.0, 0.0, 1.0), size=7., text='my point')

CentOS8 could not find MemCom libraries from Python2. Fixed.

CentOS8 could not find gtk python path. Fixed.

The build process has been updated (configure files for Python 2.7 and for batch mode).

Version 2.4.19

Updated user manual. Release notes in separate document.

Version 2.4.18

baspl++ still works with Python2 only.

The batch mode (--batch command line option) has been reactivated (it was broken since version 1.x).

The subcase argument to the Field object has been added. It is equivalent to the mode argument.

Version 2.4.17

flc videos have been deactivated (make use of mp4 instead).

Version 2.4.16 (April 2018)

Video creation: Use png’s instead of ppm’s.

Improved display of ViewLINC to distinguish between master and slave nodes.

Version 2.4.15 (December 2017)

Support of Q36, Q5X5, Q2X2 element.

Version 2.4.14 (November 2017)

Support CSDA coordinates and fields.

Version 2.4.13 (october 2016)

Use new implementation for detecting coinciding nodes, because of memory run-away problems with b2aabb_intersection. The new implementation is faster (but not very fast), has a lower memory footprint, and seems more robust.

Versions older than 2.4.13

See repository.