1. Version 7.7

1.1. Version 7.7.7 (January 2023)

Mac OS X port: MemCom library ported. Still some problems with pymemcom.

Remove fortran mcf_abort function (obsolete, use f95 function or stop).

MemCom C tests now work with cmake: Run cmake with -DTESTC=ON, producing make file in build.

Fortran API libraries libmemcomf and libmemcomftn are now compiled by default. ftn API is now public.

mcbrowser now build within MemCom (-DBUILD_MCBROWSER=ON).

1.2. Version 7.7.6 (May 2022)

Improved Python doc and doc build.

Re-activated mcbrowser in python (baspl++ needs it to start the mcbrowser from a baspl++ session).

Updated gitlab and spack files.

1.3. Version 7.7.5 (December 2021)

sitecustomize.py removed because of conflicts with other sitecustomize.py files that can be executed before MemCom’s sitecustomize.py. Python executes only the first sitecustomize.py file it finds in the sys.path! This means that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH must be set. In a virtual environment the definition of can be combined with the virtual environment activate, see environment activation and deactivation script examples.

Python memcom module documentation updated, improved, corrected. Now in “read the docs” format.

Moved memcom_test.py to test/py/test.py and updated and converted to Python3.

Added database mananger C function mcDBfilePrintHandles: Prints all MemCom file handles.

moved memcom_test.py to test/py/test.py and converted to Python3

1.4. Version 7.7.4 (October 2021)

Added database manager C function mcDBfileGetHandle: Given the database name it returns the handle or 0 if not found.

Python MemCom module documentation moved to MemCom package.

Many improvements to build process. Added -DUSE_PYTHON2=ON/OFF for building the Python MemCom module with Python2 (required for baspl++).

Fixed problem with mcTBext error return value (Python MemCom module).

Python MemCom module merged to MemCom package.

1.5. Version 7.7.3 (November 2019)

DB: Improved mcDBprintDir output.

TB: Added missing mcTBext function.

Python memcom module: Improved printout of database directory. Fixed problem with relational table extraction (mcTBext). Small bug fixes relative to numpy.

Tools: Removed ‘neutral file’ utilities.

Updated documentation.

1.6. Version 7.7.2 (November 2018)

Modified executables of MemCom tools: Executables do not anymore need LD_LIBRARY_PATH to be defined (defined in bin scripts).

Updated documentation.

1.7. Version 7.7.1 (April 2018)

Updated documentation.

1.8. Version 7.7.0 (December 2015)

Open-source release of MemCom, which contains the MemCom C-API. MemCom Pro contains in addition the Fortran API.

Removed client-server functions, and increased the library version to 7:0:0.

Fixed an error in the mcDBprintDir.

Updated the installation notes for the new installation procedure.

Minor updates to the documentation.

2. Version 7.6

2.1. Version 7.6.10 (November 2014)

Minor updates to the documentation. HTML documentation index now in <prefix>/share/doc/MEMCOM/index.html.

Fixed an error in the Array Tables when initializing data.

2.2. Version 7.6.9 (November 2013)

Updated documentation: MemCom is not thread-safe.

Fixed a problem with mcTBstore: Table size was updated in some cases.

Make the mcSTload function public for pymemcom

Errors in documentation of mcf_tb_extract corrected.

2.3. Version 7.6.5 - 7.6.8

Changed RTABLE_DESCR_LENGTH from 1024 to 64 and RTABLE_DESCR_LENGTH_INCR to 64. This makes database files smaller.

Added the function mcDBsaveFileNoSync

Function mcf_tb_rep renamed to mcf_tb_replace (as in documentation. mcf_tb_rep still available for compatibility.

mcTBloadAll: fixed performance problem for ST datasets.

Documentation updates: Improved print functions: dataset names now printed in full length. Corrected a documentation error in doc of mcf_tb_put. Corrected documentation error in mcf_db_delete_set.

2.4. Version 7.6.4

C interface: Function mcDBopenFile now returns correct error status from ‘change working directory’ function.

2.5. Version 7.6.2

FTN interface: Subroutine mcf_db_get_set_att_size returned status 1 instead of 0 in case of correct termination. Fixed.

2.6. Version 7.6.1

Sparse tables: API and implementation change. Documentation published. Improved the table pack algorithm.

C API: DMM function mcDMMdel: The manual says that the user code ident=0 is legal but the C code did not test properly. Fixed.

F77 interface: A problem appearing occasionally with the relational table size in subroutine clrtb has been fixed.

Tools: The utility program mcchecklicense is now documented.

FTN: Fixed some problems with return status checks in test programs.

2.7. Version 7.6.0

  • The sparse table (ST) API has been added.

  • An problem with the old Fortran f77 API (library libmemcomf) and clearing relational tables has been fixed: In some cases the call to clrtb did not restore the correct default table size of 8192 bytes. Note: The Fortran ftn API (libmemcomftn) is not concerned by this problem, because the table access mechanism is different.

  • An problem with the old Fortran f77 API (library libmemcomf) with the subroutine dmmdel has been fixed: The user code set to 0 now works as documented.

3. Version 7.5 and earlier

See git repository.