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PoLaRBEAR [1 ]

The PoLaRBEAR project (Production and Analysis Evolution For Lattice Related Barrel Elements Under Operations With Advanced Robustness) focuses on reliable novel composite aircraft structures based on geodesic technology aiming at a significant higher Robustness and Technology Readiness Level.

While the global structural behaviour of composite geodesic structures is investigated and understood in a top-down approach in EU-ALaSCA, PoLaRBEAR will follow up in a bottom-up approach on local level analysing the geodesic structures in terms of in-operation demands for higher TRL.

The main objectives of the research are to find methods for automatizing the manufactureing of barrels, to study reliability of geodesic structures under operational loads, and to establish design rules for robust grid structures.

In addition, competent cooperation in the development of light, low-cost airframe fuselage structures made with a new generation of composite materials and based on geodesic / iso-grid technologies under operations, is to be promoted. the project will enhance the cooperation in research and in innovation between the European Union and the Russian Federation in the field of civil transport aircraft.

SMR's contribution to the project consists of developing FEM analysis methodologies for very large models and of performing analysis on the novel lattice structures. The figures to the right illustrate the collapse analysis of a lattice barrel section.

Buckling pattern of barrel section.
Buckling pattern of barrel section: Detail.

[1] Project coordinated by the DEUTSCHES ZENTRUM FÜR LUFT- UND RAUMFAHRT (DLR) DE (Coordinator)