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SMR Engineering and Development is specialized in research and development of computer simulation methods in mechanical and geoengineering, scientific computing, engineering computer simulations, and software and engineering services.


SMR develops, distributes, and maintains the finite element solution B2000++ , the multi-physics viewer and post-processing framework baspl++ , the MemCom data manager, and the FSCON/FSI tools for aero-elastic and aero-thermal coupling.

Software Services

SMR provides consulting, programming, and support services for SMR's own software products as well as for mechanical engineering and information technology, collaborating with industrial and academic partners.

Engineering Services

SMR offers engineering services in the fields of solid mechanics, heat flow analysis, fluid-structure interaction, and geoengineering, with emphasis on geotechnical studies and assessment of natural hazards.


SMR has a customer basis in the European aeronautical research environment, which make use of software developed by SMR both as research tools for testing specific algorithms and methods and for production runs. The extensible concept of SMR's software together with optional access to the source code make it a competitive niche product in a market dominated by a few big simulation packages.

Research Projects

Production and analysis of lattice and geodesic aircraft fuselage barrels, an FP7 project.
Dynamic stability of aircraft stiffened composite panels, an FP7 project.

Open-Source version

An open-source version of B2000++ is now available.

New software releases

New software releases are available (December 2015 version).

CFD Synthesis Tool

Create CFD section plots and compute aerodynamic coefficients with baspl++ .

CSM History Plots

Create solid mechanics history plots with baspl++ .